ANC Mobile app

The client’s mobile application works together with the company's ecosystem and creates omnichannel sales and customer support tools. The main task is to increase the number of purchases through the booking of necessary products and to improve the quality of service. Loyalty system is the key value of the application, with the help of which loyal interaction with customers is established, transactions of accumulated points and the possibility of their use are displayed. The application provides an interface for quick guidance of the location of the nearest pharmacies. The pharmacy catalog has all the information for a quick search and purchase of the necessary products. A loyalty card is available and is easy to use to accumulate points.

We did

UI Design UX Design iOS App Android App Product concept API Design Middleware & integration with CRM, ERP, BI system


The ANC is the largest national pharmacy chain, which has more than 700 sales locations serving more than 4,000 regular customers. ANC is one of the brightest and most successful brands of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, the development of which is carried out dynamically and confidently. The chain of pharmacies is represented by a wide selection of formats, ranging from pharmacy branches in regional centersChallenge to trendy ones located in Kyiv, designed to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. A wide range includes over 16,000 high-quality products that meet the highest standards. Loyal pricing policy, unified for all the pharmacies of the chain: attractive and affordable prices for all the categories of buyers. Seasonal promotions, special offers, gift sets for holidays.

Problem analysis and solution search

  1. Customers do not use loyalty cards, which leads to broken profile data and the impossibility of personalized sales.
  2. Customers are not ready to download another mobile app to their phone if it does not have any additional value.
  3. Customers are not always aware of the promotions and discounts they need.
  4. Customers do not always know where the pharmacy is located and its working hours.
  5. Customers often face the lack of medicines in pharmacies and the real availability.


As a result of research during the design sprint, the following things were completed: The problem was identified, and solutions were proposed to meet customer’s needs. Valuable offer was developed as a solution to identified needs. Prototypes of mobile applications with the necessary features were developed to satisfy a valuable offer. A plan was developed to implement the strategy of putting the pharmacy chain to the leader position in the retail pharmacy market in the e-commerce.

The most important for customers is the mobile application

  1. A loyalty card is always adjacent in the app
  2. The ease of use of a loyalty card without a physical bearer and the visualization of bonus balance
  3. All discounts and promotions are easily available with the possibility to order products quickly
  4. Navigation to quickly find nearby pharmacies
  5. Online store in the application with the possibility to order delivery through partners that do not have an application
  6. Added value owing to: favorite pharmacies for quick navigation of convenient places to visit, order through the list, reminders of the medicine use, first aid kit, which is always nearby
  7. Part of the ecosystem is aimed at maintaining the health of the client in the situations of different urgency


Home page

section with promotions and discounts for products, loyalty card, and tasks to earn extra loyalty points


feature for the possibility to quickly locate pharmacies near the user and visualize information about them with the routing


the section on how to earn points for purchases, how to redeem discounts, withdraw through a loyalty card and display transactions


search feature with the possibility to automatically select the result and medicine search by barcode.


a section with profile settings and added value functions, such as my pharmacies, purchase history, first-aid kit, list ordering, reminders, articles and support.

Goals of the mobile app

  1. Increase of the volume of purchases through the catalog and the feature of promotions and discounts.
  2. Return of customers for subsequent purchases through a loyalty system.
  3. Use of the application and customer retention at the expense of value-added functionality.