Mobile App is the largest Ukrainian service for searching and making appointments for medical services online. Ukrainians can make an appointment in almost any clinic and not stand in a line

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The field of medicine around the world is gradually shifting to an electronic format for maintaining medical records, appointments with doctors, and telemedicine. is the largest Ukrainian service for searching and making appointments for medical services online. Ukrainians can make an appointment in almost any clinic and not stand in a line, but medicine is not limited to the registry, so the market needs an ecosystem for the interaction of the patient with the doctor and provide the patient with complete care for their health and data about them.

Problem analysis and solution search

  1. The main business tasks that the company faces are identified
  2. The research of analogous solutions in the world was carried out
  3. Design Sprint, during which weak points in the processes from registration to attendance and subsequent physician-patient interaction, were investigated
  4. A prototype of the ecosystem was formed, the tools of the patient and the doctor
  5. The result is the concept of the ecosystem and its further development

Design Sprint process

At the sprint, the team worked out processes and conducted in-depth interviews to test the product hypotheses and look for insights. Consultations of medical experts were received, on the basis of which the decisions, confirmed by doctors, were made. A number of issues have been identified that can be resolved by the interaction of two mobile applications.

Decisions made and business goals

  1. Two mobile applications, in conjunction with medical information systems, should provide doctors with complete information about a patient and help the patient to find a specialist who will solve precisely his/her problem.
  2. Patients need additional help in determining the physician's specialization for their case.
  3. Integration with insurance companies allows to reach more customers of the service and potentially helps to reduce the load on the call center.
  4. Patients and doctors need to be provided with a channel of communication during a call to the house.
  5. A new medical ecosystem is a platform for doctors with the possibility of funds withdrawal.

Key features

Searching for doctors and making an appointment

The module allows to find the doctor of required specialization based on the parameters important for the patient (rating, work experience, achievements in science, reviews), and choose a convenient time and place for consultation or other desired service, and make an appointment.


A list of available laboratories for registration and generation of a discount promo code for their visit.


History of all future and past appointments with the doctors and laboratories with the information about services provided and the doctor who provides them, with the possibility of seeing the same doctor in the future.

Pharmaceutical drugs

Search and order of the required pharmaceutical drugs in the application.

List of doctor’s patients

A doctor’s patient book for secondary appointments and communication regarding treatment.

Receiving appointments from patients and making notes in medical records

The application allows to admit a patient with a confirmed previous appointment and record the results of the admission in a patient’s electronic medical record card that is integrated with the application.