Epicenter Mobile App

"Epicenter" is one of the largest retailers in Ukraine. Today, the network has more than 50 shopping malls nationwide and serves more than 20 million customers annually. The loyalty program is constantly developing and already unites more than 3 million regular clients of "Epicenter".
In addition to the basic service created in Devlight, the mobile application "Epicenter" helps the user to make purchases in the shopping center with the help of facial recognition function. The clients received a solution that helps to make purchases in offline shops, order any goods home and use a loyalty program.


We did

AWS Face Rekognition implementation UI Design UX Design Android App iOS App Product concept API Design


"Epicenter" continues to develop dynamically by increasing the client base and opening new shopping centers. The loyalty program should also be changed to meet people’s needs and market demands. The main task is to unite all activities of the loyalty program in one place, to provide users with relevant offers and deals, and to create a convenient tool for buying and using all services of the shopping centers.

Problem analysis and search for solutions

  1. Analysis of product solutions of the world’s leading retailers was conducted.
  2. Design sprint with representatives of all directions of the company was performed.
  3. A prototype solution was developed and a number of services were generated
  4. Research was conducted using Customer Development methodology

About design sprint

The primary goal for the design sprint session was to improve the user experience of the loyalty program, but after research and work with the consumers, we had to change the goal and make it more global. The team decided to improve the experience of using physical space and online shopping malls, as this is what visitors lacked in the first place.

Result of Design Sprint

  1. Decided to optimize shopping process at the shopping mall with mobile application
  2. There needs to be a new way to buy a product at the mall - pay by scanning bar codes
  3. Costs of plastic card production should be reduced by creating a convenient electronic loyalty card
  4. It is necessary to reduce company’s costs by creating and implementing a free personalized push-message system
  5. Decided to work out a personal offer mechanism for users based on their preferences and behavior data
  6. While working on the project, the idea of Look and Pay was generated - the service of paying for goods by scanning the user’s face
  7. It was detected that key product metrics and product growth metrics should be monitored and analyzed, which means we need a quality analytics system

Key features

Digital card of the loyalty program

Since one of the company’s tasks was the possibility to eliminate plastic and reduce the burden on call centers, we analyzed all customer requests and implemented a convenient service that allows to get all the necessary information in the application. To do that, we created a digital loyalty card that can be accessed in one click. In addition, the entire history of purchases and bonus points were transferred to the application.

Personalized offers

In order to increase the response to advertising and promotional activities, a personalized offer service was created. It makes it possible to inform the user only with the offers that are more likely to interest him/her. For that, the customer’s behavior and personal data are analyzed. An additional effect of this service is that users are less annoyed by the offers, as they are interesting to them, which allows to increase the level of satisfaction with the service.

Catalogue of goods

"Epicenter", in addition to huge commercial areas, sells goods online and delivers them to customers. One of our tasks was the possibility to implement the catalogue of goods in the mobile application and to allow to order the required goods from the application as easily as on the site. The team performed this task well, which shows the number of conversions from the application.

Notifications and messages in the application

The loyalty program continued to grow and the number of users reached more than 3 million. Communication about the company’s news and offers via SMS has become quite expensive. We have developed a push-notification system that allowed users to be informed of all the news and changes in a timely manner, and the open rate of push-notifications has been relatively higher.

Questionnaires and surveys

After working with the clients and shopping mall staff, it became clear that there was a need to create an effective channel for feedback from the visitors. For that, a questionnaire system has been designed and implemented, which now conducts customer satisfaction surveys on the purchase and service, and then passes the results to designated specialists on the spot. The result is a rapid response to problems and comments, as well as a reduction in the level of negative client experience.

Information on shopping centers and additional services

Consumer studies have shown that not everyone knows about all the services offered by the "Epicenter". In order to solve this problem, the team decided to implement a service that shows the visitor all the possibilities of the shop. Now the user of the application can quickly get all the information and find the needed service in one section. As a result, the "Epicenter" received another opportunity to promote and monitor the use of additional services.

Project result

  1. Launched MVP to reach the market as quickly as possible and begin to bring value to business and users. In this way, the main problems and complexities of the clients were solved, and additional features are launched as soon as they are ready.
  2. In the first two months after the launch, the application was downloaded 50,000 times, without any expensive promotion and advertising.
  3. The main metrics of the product show success: N-Day Retention - 4%, Rolling (Unbounded) Retention - 20.8%.
  4. The number of users per day exceeded 5,800.
  5. A monitoring and collection system for the application analytics was designed and implemented, which allows to receive quick data on the use of the service and make adjustments.
  6. All key product metrics are measured using analytics tools

Technologies and tools involved