Uplata Mobile App

Uplata is a Ukrainian payment system, which provides a full range of financial services with the possibility to pay 1500+ services with minimum commission and transfers between cards of any banks. The company is a partner of the VISA payment system, and has its own anonymous prepaid card of “CARD-2-GO” format, which earned the award as the best ‘fin-tech’ startup of Ukraine.


We did

UI Design UX Design Android App
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The population of Ukraine is mostly accustomed to using cash in all areas of their lives and has problems trusting banking institutions. This distrust can be attributed to the bureaucratic requirements of banks such as; the large number of documents, mobile banking services only within their bank, general inconveniences and commission for interaction between banks. Uplata is designed to change the customer experience in the field of finance, and to help them transition into a cashless life

Problem analysis and solution search

  1. The target audience, customer behavior and their problems were identified
  2. A study of analogous solutions in the world was conducted
  3. Web banking branding and design were developed
  4. Design Sprint was conducted, during which problems and behaviors of financial service users were investigated
  5. The result was the concept of mobile banking and web design update

Design Sprint Process

During the sprint, there was close cooperation with experts from the banking field - both representatives from the financial field and technical experts in the payment system. A number of in-depth interviews were conducted with various audience segments which included; participants of the process from the employees of the client’s company, and the category that had never used bank services. Based on business tasks and end-user needs, prototypes were created and tested with users. Thanks to the feedback provided, the end concept of the service was formed with the development of mobile applications and the updating of the web design.


  1. Provide customers with access to basic features without registration
  2. To solve the problem of submitting a package of documents for opening an account and issuing a card
  3. Give customers an opportunity to keep all their bank cards from different banks in one place
  4. Provide a full range of financial services of the bank and the payment system

Key features

Adding bank cards

All user cards in one place with available actions on each card and setting to use any card by default.

Transfers between cards within and outside the app

Convenient transfers between customers’ cards or to other users' cards with the possibility to save contacts

Payment for services

Quick search and payment for providers’ services with the possibility to create templates.

Service card

A network of Uplata partners with full information on card issuing points, partner terminals for deposits, and ATMs for cash withdrawal, as well as loyalty program participants.